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Mobirise free extensions

You might have heard that Mobirise is a free website builder, but is it actually true?
Well, first of all Mobirise is 100% free, but the basic version.
Unlike many other websites builders or CMS's, mobirise doesn't have a monthly plan that you have to pay in order to use the software, the only thing that you will actually need to pay (if you want to use them) are Mobirise themes and Mobirise plugins.

In the mobirise official website you can find multiple extra themes and plugins that can improve the way your website looks and feels.

My favourite one is definitetely the Code editor, and the reason is simple, as soon as you'll want to customize your mobirise website, you will realize how important an HTML code editor is when building a website.
A website builder without a code editor is very limited, in fact this plugin allows you to make some extra modifications that you wouldn't be able to make without.

So if Mobirise is actually free, How expensive are plugins and themes? Very cheap!
Clicking on this link you can see all the plugins and themes available for sale.
There are so many specials offers during the year, for example on black friday, you might be able to catch some special deal. Most plugins and themes are available for less than 50$ each.

You can see all the official mobirise extensions by clicking here