The best Mobirise hosting in 2019

Why web hosting is so important and which one is the best for mobirise projects in 2019

In the last years i have worked on more than 50 mobirise-based websites, both business and personal projects.
Hosting providers can be a real struggle if you don't choose the right one that can guarantee great uptime and speed.
Let me share with you some insights In this post about which Mobirise web hostings i trust more and why.


Namecheap is one of the market leaders in domain registration but is also great as hosting provider. Datacenter are available both in europe and USA and uptime is 99.9% of the time.

I'd consider namecheap as a great hosting solution for your mobirise project especially if you are looking for a solution that is both cheap and functional.

Namecheap also offers a great live chat support, so whenever you have a technical problem there is always somebody who can help you,


Siteground is very well known for its cheap pricing and great customer service.
It is great for Mobirise as most mobirise websites are very lightweight, and this hosting performs very well with lightweight static websites.

The average performance of their servers is great and most of their customers are very satisfied with the hosting speed and technical support (including myself!).
I'd recommend Siteground for your mobirise websites if you are looking for a simple hosting that offers a great customer service, which is particularly important if you arent tech savvy or you don't have much experience in web development.


This web hosting has been in business for more than 15 years and guarantees realiability to more than 2000 customers around the world.
The service they provide is quite good, and they also guarantee some useful extras, such as ddos protection and malware 
InMotion provides both cPanel and Softaculous which is very useful to manage your mobirise files and get your site live.
Inmotion also provides some top-notch support, and in my experience the performance it can guarantee is well above average.

But whatever web hosting you choose, there are 3 main points i'd look at when you choose the best hosting for your Mobirise website:

Server Location

An hosting server is just like a computer, so it is actually located somewhere.
The closer your hosting server is located, the faster it will load. So if you are based in the US, i'd really recommend an hosting server based in the US.
You can usually find where the hosting datacenter is located in the hosting plan details.

Speed & Reliability

You already know that visitors are not very patient, if the website loads slow they will simply click away.
Thats why a fast web hosting is really mandatory for your Mobirise website.
Keep in mind that usually, the more you pay, the better you get!


Backups are really important! If you server crashes or your website gets hacked, having a copy of your website can be live-saving! So you might want to make sure the hosting plan your are considering to buy performs a backup for all their clients, at least on a weekly basis.

I probably don’t need to tell you that Mobirise is a great tool for building websites, as you already know. But asides of that, having a great tool is not enough, you also need a great and reliable web hosting!

As a freelancer i struggled for years trying to find a good hosting for mobirise.

Again and again the number 1 issue that my mobirise users want to fix is website speed. You can have a beautiful website but if it doesn't load fast, people are going to leave.

With hosting you get what you pay for, do you really expect a hosting product that costs less than a coffee at Starbucks to be any good?